Better Homes

Better Homes is the conspicuous difference between the home you currently have, and the better one that you wish you had. That is why we have a solid hold among the most stable home improvement companies in this region. We strongly believe that our designated role to play in the industry has an awesome potential of bringing about the much desired and long awaited revolution that the industry deserves. We believe that through steady and consistent growth and innovation, we are making strides in the right direction as each day passes by.

home pageThat is why our commitment to value-adding services is something that transcends the rat race of striving and pretending to be what every Tom, Dick, and Harry out there claims to be, and that is, “the best”. But at Better Homes, we do offer our best at every given moment in time as we continue to innovate and grow so that we can serve you better because our best is defined by us satisfying you--our customer.So who are we and what really sets us ahead of the game? What defines and motivates our activities? Find all the correct answers in the following paragraphs.

Our mission:

To provide simple, relevant, innovative, and value-adding home improvement services that make every home a better place to live.

Our vision:

To be a choice player in the home improvement industry through better services that work to the betterment of the industry and its clientele.


Our range of services

From the beginning, we said that we are not a part of the traditional rat race that is stifling the market place. This is what we stand for and that remains our commitment to all our customers. At Better Homes, we have a clear picture of how we achieve all our goals and objectives. Turn to the next section that outlines the scope of our activities in the home improvement industry.


Interior design

Life is design and the beauty of life lies in better designs. You don’t just need to get your home arranged (any one can do that), you need it designed properly. We offer all types of interior home design and décor services.



At Better Homes, we believe that the best home that you can ever have is the one that has been improved and made better. That is why we endeavor to make every home better than what it is now. One of the ways through which we do this is through renovations and remodeling. If you want your living room, bedroom, or kitchen to be remodeled, do not look in the wrong direction, look on Better Homes.


Home additions

We are aware that as time changes, people grow and increase .As this takes place; their needs also grow and change in equal measure thus calling for additions to be made. Whether you need to add a bedroom, a kitchen a garage or anything that you need we are up to the task. Give us a call and we shall drop you a free quotation without any binding obligation.



We offer all types of landscaping services. Whether you need to landscape your front yard or your back yard you are assured that you will get the very best that you deserve. We are able to integrate all types of pools and waterfalls the will transform your home into a paradise that is buzzing with a harmonious eco system. Moreover, we can offer you the best forms of designs to choose from should you need one.



Better Homes has been around long and accurately enough to do what is expected of us and hence you can always count on our wise counsel. We have acquired a rich mine of expertise and experience that can guide you through the deep and high waters of the home improvement industry. In addition, our workforce is adequately trained to handle any all the needs of our clients.