Straight Talk about Bathroom Renovations

post 7The modern bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house. It is no longer just a place to take a bath or shower and disappear. It is also a place of o relaxing, refreshing and recreation. The modern bathroom, fitted with entertainment channels, both audio and visual, can be a wonderful and soothing hub as well.

However, all bathrooms do age and at times get outdated. One of the beat ways of dealing with this is through renovations. This article therefore seeks to point out the nitty grities of carrying out great and impressive renovations in the bathroom. Stay on to discover all that you need to know and do as you undertake bathroom renovation works.


Fixtures speak a lot of volumes about your bathroom. Choosing the right fixtures will ensure that your bathroom retains a outlook of elegance and glamour. For instance, you can go for a pedestal sink that is embellished with lines instead of a block cabinet fixture.

The bathtub

post 7 edit 7The bathtub is another key part to factor as you undertake the renovations. Make sure that you buy the right tub that fits the needs of all the users in the home. A good bathtub doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be very big, no. A 60-inch tub is ideal for most folks. It has enough room to accommodate users and also a better foothold that will ensure that you don’t disappear into the water once the tub is full. Check out how much comfort and support it offers for the back and neck.

The floor

The floor of the bathroom is a multipurpose fitting. It serves as an esthetic enhancement in the bathroom as well as a safety fitting because fixing the wrong floor material can cause skidding and accidents in the bathroom. Make sure that you go for materials that warmth, beauty and durability.

The mirror

Do not attempt to fix the whole bathroom with mirrors. It is better that you go for one elegant mirror that will serve the purpose. Get a mirror that has style and reflects elegance and compliment it with an adjustable make up mirror. Remember to install a shaving niche in the shower stall.

Optimize the available space

If there is any space between wall stud, use it to install a tall storage cabinet so that you can save the floor space, and optimize the vertical space. Another way to maximize limited space in a house that has back-to-back rooms is to have a shared shower that has a common access point. Alternatively, you can convert a nearby closet into an ensuite with access to the next bath.

The shower area

Construct an open shower area that does not require a door or curtaining. Additionally, make sure that you install a proper drainage system and a rain showerhead that is installed on the ceiling so that it does not splash too much water.

Good lighting

The bathroom is a place that needs to be accessed any time of the day or night. This means that proper lighting should be given priority. You need the right combination of luminosity and reflections. A halogen pot light will do well if it is blended with wall sconces.

The right toilet

When buying a toilet, go for something that is decent, but not necessarily costly. Go for a model that is designed to offer utmost comfort. A model that has elongated seats and bowls will serve better.

A little luxury will go a long way

post 7 editFrom the beginning, we saw that the modern bathroom is not just a place of performing “statutory” duties of bathing and leaving. A good modern bathroom serves beyond just convenience and hence integrating some kind of luxury is a highly welcome idea. You can incorporate audio-visual entertainment gears, a fire place, and exercise equipment so that you get it beyond the “statutory” levels of convenience.

Common blunders to avoid

Well, the renovation process comes with a lot of excitement due to the expected enjoyments that the bathroom will bring about. However, there are a few blunders that threaten the process and if they are not well taken care of, they can become an anticlimax to an otherwise great process. Below is a highlight of some of them.

Inadequate planning

True is the adage that if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. Make sure that you have done all the necessary planning on time so that you don’t run into last minute inconveniences and emergencies. Ensure that you have consulted with all the relevant stakeholders who are supposed to facilitate the success and process of the renovations.

Ignoring the fundamental

This is another blunder that most folks make. Ensure that you factor the layout of your current bathroom before you move on with the renovations. Take into consideration the existing plumbing, floors, walls and ceilings.

Poor quality materials

If you use poor quality materials, you will have a poor quality bathroom. Make sure that you go for materials that will fit and work well with your dream bathroom. Pay attention to the quality of the parts, more than the quantity of the money that you will spend on them. Remember that bathroom renovations are not a cosmetic exercise that you will keep repeating every now and then. So, better spend once and get the right things once and for all.