House Cleaning Tips Before You Move Into a New House

cleaning kitchenIrrespective of the reasons, moving from one house to another is a fantastic experience. However, the excitement of moving house is also coupled with a raft of responsibilities that are meant to ensure that the new house you are relocating into is in the best condition. Apart from necessary renovations, cleaning is one of the other most important activities that need to be performed before you move in and enjoy your new house. All this can be done with the help of cleaning services. But what is the best way of cleaning a house before new occupation and how best can it be done? The answer to this question and any other that may linger in your mind lies in the remaining parts of this article—keep reading. The cleaning process outlined below is used by a leading Chicago Illinois cleaning services provider and has been proven effective on over 1000 cleanings:

Cleaning the kitchen

None of us loves a dirty and disorderly kitchen. For all the obvious reasons, the kitchen is one of the most sensitive rooms in a house and hence it requires a lot of hygiene to be observed in order to avoid diseases. Being a semi food manufacturing unit, the level of its cleanliness will directly impact on the health of the whole family. Make sure that you clean every part of the kitchen thoroughly, paying attention to key areas such as cupboards among others.

Cleaning kitchen appliances

Electrical appliances are another area of concern and focus as you handle the cleaning process. You need to pay special attention to the following appliances:

  • The oven

Check inside your oven and if you find it necessary, apply an oven cleaner. Ensure that you clean beneath the oven’s hood and use a grease-remover in case the regular is not strong enough for this task. Clean the sides of the oven alongside its temperature dials and panel. You will also need a paper below the oven so as to collect the dirt that falls off from the oven.

  • The fridge

This is another important appliance that needs special attention as you clean. First of all, you will have to unplug the fridge before cleaning it. You will need to remove the drawers and bins and wash them thoroughly. Clean the inner walls and shelves separately in the sink and remember to clean the freezer.

Clean the back side of the fridge as well as well as its top and sides. Also remember to dust of the handles.

Cleaning the counters and cabinets

post 3 editClean the inside of the cabinet using a gentle cleaner. Go on and clean the top of the cabinets and their doors. In case the cabinets have a wooden surface, use a gentle soap to clean them or you may as well use a wood cleaner.If the surfaces have some grease stains, you can clean them using baking soda and water. You will first of all make a paste using the soda and apply it.

Give it some few minutes and the clean. Don’t forget to clean the inside of the drawers and the handles as well.After you are through with the cabinets it is now time to turn your attention to the counters because they do not require as much time as cabinets. Ensure that you clean in between the crevices using putty knife and get off every piece of debris. Using water and a gentle cleaner, you can clean the back splashes.

Cleaning the sink

This is another sensitive area in the home. You can clean it using water and a bleach as long as it does not contain chlorine. Use a spray gun to spray the sink and allow it some time to soak well then afterwards, you can rinse it. You will also need to bleach the sink’s plugs using bleach water and allow it some few minutes before you rinse it. To remove sink odor, use a baking solution and pour it down the sink’s drain.

Cleaning the walls

Start off by removing all the dust and the cobwebs in obvious areas such as heating vents and corners. You will need a sponge mop to clean those areas that are difficult to reach using warm soapy water. If the walls have a lot of stubborn stains, use a detergent to clean.

Wipe the base boards and molding too. Make sure you clean light switch plates. Remember to clean along the door frames.

Cleaning the floors

These are other key areas that require your attention after you are done with the walls. You will need to get your floor sparkling clean. You will have to confirm with the previous occupant if they had any pets sharing their house with them. If they did have pets, you will first have to disinfect it against fleas.

Sweep the floor well, whether it is made of wood or any other material. Using a gentle detergent or cleaner, mop the floor surfaces thoroughly.

Cleaning the bathroom

First ensure that you mop the floor of the bathroom. Clean the bathtub, sink and fixtures of the bathroom thoroughly. Clean the toilet on the inside and outside as well. Remember also to clean the mirror with a glass cleaner.