Tips on How to Remodel Your Bedroom

The bedroom is the bedrock of every house. It is the first and the last place we interact with because that is where we start and end the day. Additionally, it is the place that offers every human being the best form of rest and relaxation called sleep when we switch off from all the distraction and hassles of life.

bedroom post 8Because of its supreme value and importance, the bedroom deserves supreme attention and priority as far as remodeling plans and projections are concerned. It deserves to be a place that offers not just “statutory” relaxation through sleeping but also a great level of refreshment and enjoyment before you close your eyes and sleep.

That is why the best way to elevate it to such levels is through well crafted and designed remodeling. However, the process of remodeling needs to be done in conformity to some basic principles and considerations .It is with all this in mind that this article is written to unveil to you those universal principles and how you can customize and integrate them into your personal remodeling project.

Get the end product in mind

Before you move on and pull down that bedroom you must have seen something inside your mind or somewhere that tells you that your current bedroom is not up to date. You should be having a picture inside your mind that you would like to see replace the current picture that your natural eyes are seeing in your bedroom. It is that thing that you need to harness and harmonize with your current and future needs to start off the process.

You have got to define with clarity what exactly it is that you want out of the remodeling. Do you need more space? Do you want better arrangement and design? Do you want enhanced esthetic appearance? If that inner picture answers all these questions, then you have not just started, but you are already through with the whole process.

Get the right team in place

A man who runs alone goes fastest; but a man who runs with others goes farthest. You cannot accomplish the best bedroom remodel alone. You need expert input in place. You can have a sketch in mind and draw it, but you need an architect to fine tune it into a blue print that a builder can use to build. You need to get the right professionals in time beginning with the architectural designer, the builder that will implement the master plan, the plumber and electrician who will handle the bathroom and wiring matters if indeed you want to overhaul them.

Prepare for the inconveniences

All remodeling works will have to inconvenience you and so you should be ready with a plan to handle them. If your bedroom will require pulling down some walls and erecting others, then you will have to get an alternative bedroom. This means that you will be “grazing on a shorter leash” because some of your master bedroom facilities will be suspended.

Come up with your budget, not a budget

This may sound and seem to be too obvious, but in life people do not stumble on rocks but on pebbles. Most of the biggest and costly blunders that people make revolve around the “small things” that are usually ignored. You need to draw a budget that you, and not so and so, can comfortably fund and that is why it has to be your budget because it is you who will fund it. I can’t explain that further.

Be specific but also flexible

post 8At the start we saw that you need to be particular with what you need. Then from there we saw you integrating other people into the plan before it is rolled out. When you submit it to professionals, they can come up with suggestions that can actually enhance your project or even save you some costs. Do not be rigid but rather listen to them because if they are really seasoned professional, they have handled many other successful projects before and they know what you don’t. Keep in mind that your initial plan may look to be very “wow” until it is subjected to other people for review that you just discover you had omitted something that you really needed or you had included something that you really didn’t need. Be flexible.

Do further search

It is not a crime to ask and learn. There are many awesome magazines that offer free advice and ideas on bedroom remodeling. Do not just cling to what is in your head but on the contrary go through some of those models in order to embellish your planned project. Get inspiration and ideas and then customize them to suit your needs, current space, and budget.

Consult wide and wild

This tip is an enforcement of the preceding tip. You actually have friends and family who have done some bedroom remodeling before. Feel free to consul them and get some few nuggets of wisdom that will enhance your project. It is wisdom to ask when you don’t know but it is unwise to refuse or be afraid to ask and yet you don’t know. Get wise counsel.

Remember your water level

This is another area that seems too obvious bet most folks make too obvious blunders as well in this area. Come up a remodeling plan that will suit you and your family and not one that will match that one of so and so. Do not try to do everything at the same time and be in a hurry to achieve “big time”. Take your time and even if there are some components that you badly wanted incorporated for now and they can’t fit your budget, there is tomorrow. Remember, every dog has his day and that through patience, the tortoise and snail entered the ark even though the cheetah and hare were there long before!

Deal with the clutter

One of the things that make a bedroom begin crying for a makeover is clutter. Check out and see if there are things in there that you no longer need or use. Remove all such stuff and create extra room for redesigning.

Replace the bedding

The state and quality of the bedding you are using currently could be part of the reason why the bedroom needs an overhaul. Get new bedding with a new color and design theme that matches the new theme of the remodeled bedroom.

Update the windows

post 8 editWindows are an integral part of the bedroom. If they are not in right shape you may consider replacing or repairing them. Check out the curtains and blinds to see whether they match the new modeled bedroom in color and design. If they are too “tired” then replace them.

Bring in the breath of life

Try to incorporate some life into the design. Get some beautiful plants into the new bedroom. You can also get an aquarium so as to create a balanced eco system.


You also need to deal with the painting of the renovated bedroom. Repaint it using warm and natural colors in order to achieve shades that inspire comfort and simplicity. Make sure that the painting color scheme matches other bedroom decors and linens.

Take advantage of recycled materials

If you are on a tight and lean budget, this tip is just for you. You can take advantage of affordable and recycled materials as tools to come up with great decor. You can use reclaimed lumber to craft trunks and nightstands.

Replace light fixtures

The kind of fixtures that you will install will depend on the new theme and style of your remodeled bedroom. Make sure that you get fixtures that will serve their purpose in a bedroom setting, not too much or too dim light.

The overall layout and design

You will now need to come up with a new design of the bedroom. The new layout will depend on why the bedroom has been redesigned. This will determine where to place what.

A window seat

If you overhauled your window and replaced it with a bigger one or you added another one, then you can add a new window seat. The new seat will give you a new sense of relaxation as you watch nature through it and enjoy some cool breeze. Alternatively, you can also make it a part of your study kit if you elect to incorporate a small personal study room into your bedroom.