15 Outstanding Tips for Great Kitchen Remodeling

kitchen postThe kitchen is one of the most important rooms in every home. It is the most important production room that is responsible for the production and serving of food and good health. That is why the kitchen occupies a great and important place of priority when it comes to home improvements and remodeling.

However, carrying out a kitchen remodeling is not as simple as it may sound and it is because of such technicalities that there is need for proper guidelines that will help you navigate through the process in a successful and fulfilling manner. It is because of this article seeks to unfold some of these basic tips that will help you set up your dream kitchen.

Tip 1: Start at the end

By starting at the end I mean you got to envision what kind of kitchen that you want as opposed to want you currently have. Get all the specifications and outlook on paper. If you can’t see the end, then do not start because you will not finish; and even if you do finish, you will do so on a bad disappointing note, an anticlimax.

Tip 2: Put together the right team

Kitchen remodeling is a construction project just like any other. It will need proper architectural design which means you will need an architect. It will also need a builder, electrician, and a plumber. Make sure that you get to contact the right professional at the right time. Here, the architect will come first to assist you with a blue print. Other players will follow on later as the project advances.

Tip 3: Arrange for an alternative kitchen

Another factor that you will need to consider is making arrangements for an alternative kitchen. Get a spare room where you can move in some of the basic kitchen appliances so that you are not completely inconvenienced.

Tip 4: Prepare for the inconveniences

All renovation works have their own load of inconveniences. For your kitchen, you will be forced to forfeit some of your facilities for a while. Be ready to endure the clutter and noises that accompany constructions. If you happen to live with pets in your house, most of them may not endure the noises and hence you will be forced to make arrangements for temporary accommodation.

Tip 5: Draw a realistic budget

There is no harm in you living within your means. As you budget for the remodeling, remember that you are not budgeting for Bill Gate’s kitchen but your own kitchen and set a budget that you will be able to fund, without unnecessary financial burdens and debts. Remember to give a 10% allowance on top of your budget to cater for contingencies that you cannot foresee or control.

Tip 6: Be flexible

kitchen tipsThere is no sin in you dreaming big for your kitchen. In fact, it is even better off to dream biggest! However, no matter how good and sweet dreams are, you cannot live in dream land and hence you can only remodel a kitchen based on the reality of your present ability.

If you happen to have envisioned some “great” things and then after sitting down to plan you find that they are not achievable (not wrong) at the moment, be flexible and shelve them. Being flexible to reality will help you come up with something good and affordable for your level.

Tip 7: Get some external inspiration

Here is no weakness in you learning from others. This means that you have a constitutional “copy right” (your right to copy!) and you can make the best use of it to get an inspiration for you remodeling. You can wade through good sites and magazines that are authorities in this field and look at some of the photos they have. But this does not mean that every photo you see may be directly reproduced in your house. However, it will give you some inspiration from which you can come up with sketches of what you want for your house. There from, you can submit the sketches to an architect to fine tune into something that suits your current space and needs.

Tip 8: Look for cost saving possibilities

This point applies to those who are working on a lean budget. There are always loopholes in the plan that can be used advantageously to save some good bucks. Look at the floor, the electrical wiring, and plumbing and find out how you can retain them the way they are. You can also decide to carry forward some of your current cabinets as long as they are in good shape. This will give you room to revisit them in the future once you have another budget for the. Remember that you are remodeling the kitchen and hence it should not be talent as a campaign against everything you have at the moment. You can still decide to mix the old and new wine and move on.

Tip 9: Get some wise counsel

It is not weakness to ask and learn. Remember the great sage Solomon said that “There is nothing new under the sun, for everything that is now, was once there”. This means that you are neither the first nor are you the last person to come up with a “great” renovation plan.

Because of the above, consult those who have done it before and get to learn from their experiences and mistakes. They may know something that will save you very costly blunders. Remember the great sage Solomon also said that, “In the multitude of counselors, there lies success, and plans are established through counsel”. Going for accurate advice is wisdom for in it lies strength and so, consult wide and wild.

Tip 10: Don’t rush, you may crush

All-IN_GRANITE_Kitchen_RemodelingNo matter how bad you are dissatisfied with your current kitchen, do not jump into a “Usain Bolt mode” and sprint into “action” immediately. Do things the “Paul Tergat or Catherine Ndereba” (I beg that you don’t tear or burn this article for being pro Kenyan!) way, the marathon way. As they say that if you rush you may crush, this advice is true and hence you got to subject everything to a timely and affordable budget.

Tip 11: Use the right quality of materials

This is another basic factor to consider as you roll out the remodel plan. The quality of material you use will determine several things. First, it will have a direct impact on the final outlook of the finished work. Second, it will impact the durability of the remodeled kitchen, which in turn will have long term financial implications. So, it is better you spend more on a few qualitative materials rather than save costs too much and end up with something mediocre.

Tip 12: Consider some little office space

This is a great addition that you can incorporate into your new kitchen. You can set up a small personal office where you can put your computer and a few stationeries for your personal use.

Tip 13: Take advantage of the ceiling height

You can optimize the usage of the floor space by taking advantage of ceiling heights. For instance, if your current kitchen has eight foot ceilings, you can install taller cabinets so that you can have bigger storage space upwards while you use the floor space to do other things.

Tip 14: Select an appropriate counter top

Choose a counter top material that will give the kitchen an elegant finish and esthetic outlook. The market offers all manner of countertops. You can choose from marbles, limestone, and plastic laminate. With all these varieties, you will be spoilt for choices but make sure that you don’t spoil the choices. Go for something that is warm and splendid, but yet easy to maintain as well.

Tip 15: Make it more lovely and lively

Don’t just relegate the kitchen to the convenience zone of just performing “statutory services” of cooking and serving meals alone. Make it to be somewhere that you can enjoy staying even when you are not eating or cooking. Try to incorporate some little artistry and you can embellish it with some little antiques (if your budget allows).Think out the best ways that you can use to make it stand out unique but without having to be very or inconveniently expensive. Remember, many times excellence lies in simplicity and how creatively you can utilize the little that you already got.