Basic Considerations Before Undertaking Home Additions

Adding some extra room and space to your house is one of the things that you will have to do, at least once or several times during your life time. One of the main reasons why families undertake additions on their houses is the need to add more room to their current house.

There are two main ways of making additions to your house. First, you can decide to make the addition on top of the existing house; which is called vertical addition. Alternatively, you can elect to do the addition by pulling it sideways; which is horizontal addition. However, the choice of either going vertical or horizontal will depend on the design of your current house, among other factors.

post 1Before proceeding with your addition plans, it is important that you establish the purpose that the additions will serve. This will in turn determine the location of the additions on the existing house. For instance, if you want a place to be relaxing as you enjoy sunset, then you will need to add it facing west. If you need an extra bed room for guests, location will not be a factor. The purpose of the addition will also determine the choice of construction material and ultimately, the cost of construction. For example, if you need an extra room for storage purposes, you may as well use cheaper material as opposed to if the addition was to serve as your guest room.

As you plan for your addition, you need to take some external restrictions (that you have no control over) that will affect or even stop your addition plan. Area zoning by-laws can be at times inhibitive to what you can build on your compound and how to do it. Some of them will determine how high a building needs to go and this may force you to do the additions sideways instead of upwards. Make sure that the relevant authorities get to approve your plan first, before you proceed with it.

Unless the  additions you want to make are a birthday gift from a friend or family, you need to subject everything to a budget that you can fund. The kind of materials to be used and the design you choose will have direct cost implications. You are therefore required to choose the above carefully so that they fit in your budget. Remember that the particular contractor you choose will also affect cost and hence choose a qualified professional that will work within your budget.